New Pen and Ink Ebook Published

American Artist, Artist Daily has just published this new pen-and-ink ebook with my article in it. It is a free download!

Get It While You Can: New Free eBook on Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques 

In its most elementary form, a pen and ink drawing is stark black marks against a white surface. No dilution of color, no shades of gray. But artists who've spent time inking their way across a page know that drawing with ink can actually be an incredibly subtle and finessed endeavor if you use ink drawing techniques that allow for a slow build up of dark areas for value contrast, and if you are open to the idea of how to draw using line in varied ways.

Contemporary ink artists like David Beynon Pena and Neil McMillan have taken what their pen and ink predecessors have taught them, utilizing the practice as a skill honing endeavor on the part of Pena, with an emphasis on making preparatory ink sketches for his oil paintings. McMillan pursues drawings that are less graphic in feel, though he too finds that working with ink has enhanced his ability to paint--mostly in getting confident in working with a fluid medium.

Grant's Lion by Melissa Tubbs, pen-and-ink drawing, 12 x 7.Spacer 10x10 pixels 
Grant's Lion by Melissa Tubbs,
pen-and-ink drawing, 12 x 7.
Spacer 10x10 pixels  
Artist Melissa Tubbs create drawings that are dense and rich with ink yet are made with delicate lines and are subtle with gradation. She builds up layers of line section by section, always changing direction so her parallel lines transform into hatched and crosshatched marks.
There are so many pen and ink drawing lessons to be gleaned by looking at the history of the practice and how current practitioners are adding their own influences. In Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques from Artist Daily: Drawing with Ink to Create Art with Strong Contrast and Surprising Subtlety you'll find ink drawings from the past and present and the insights on the artists who created them. Download now!

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