Been Thinking Since Yesterday's Storm

The damage I saw yesterday just outside my own front door brought home the fact that things can change so quickly, more quickly than we ever think can happen. In less than an hour, a severe thunderstorm whipped through the center of town damaging homes in my historic neighborhood as ancient trees were toppled by high winds.  As much as I love architecture, it just crushes me to see anyone’s home or business damaged or destroyed.

I thought of the words from an Amy Grant song:
“Of things that they remembered well,
Stories and faces dearly held
A couple in love
Livin’ week to week
Rooms full of laughter
If these walls could speak.”

I've had the opportunity to draw many homes. Several years ago I was asked to draw one out in the country that was going to be torn down because of road construction. It was a beautiful old farmhouse with a big front porch and my client wanted a drawing to remember it by.

No matter what the reason, the possibility for significant change and loss is always with us.

I've also realized that what I do can be such a service to people. Creating drawings of a special time and place is such a privilege for me; to provide families with a lifelong memory that gives them a warm feeling and a smile each and every time they look at it.  A work of art honoring not just bricks and mortar, but a place where lives are knit together and memories are made.

Don’t wait until the “right time,” until it’s too late. I would love to create a drawing of your special place.

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