Celebrating New York City Image 11

This ornate cast-iron and aluminum street lamp is a replica of the historic streetlights that adorn the Lombard Bridge in Hamburg, Germany. It is a gift from the City of Hamburg, dedicated on March 1, 1979.
The ornate Lombard Lamp, designed by Hamburg sculptor Carl Borner, has a lavish base composed of cherubs, garlands and other decorative features. Although it is hollow, the fifteen-foot lamp weighs more than 1,200 pounds, and supports five glove-shaped luminaires.
The gift of this lamp symbolizes the sister-city relations between Hamburg and New York. As Hamburg Mayor Helga Elster commented at the time, “We hope to shed light on a bridge of friendship…”
I was at the south end of Central Park when I saw this lamp post. It is a beautiful work of art in itself. I really enjoy drawing ornamentation such as this lamp, especially with the strong shadows. The dark, dark shadows on the bushes in the left of my drawing "Lombard Lamp, Central Park" with the lighter foliage on the right adds so much depth to the composition.

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