Things You Never Knew About Black 2

According to one Western legend, the first paint was black and the first artist was female (As told by Pliny the Elder). 

A young woman of Corinth in Greece was saying good-bye to her lover before he left on a long journey. Suddenly, between embraces, she noticed his shadow on the wall, cast by candlelight. She reached out for a piece of charcoal from the fire and filled in the pattern of his shadow.

The first artworks discovered in the caves at Lascaux, Altamera and Chauvet were all "painted" with charcoal. They then made vivid black pigments by burning bones or grinding a powder of manganese oxide.

For the ancient Egyptians, black had very positive associations. It was the color of the rich black soil flooded by the Nile. It was the color of Anubis, the god of the underworld, who took the form of a black jackal, and offered protection against evil  to the dead.

The German and Scandinavian peoples worshiped their goddess of the night, Nott, who crossed the sky in a chariot drawn by a black horse. They also considered the crow to be sacred.

Black Friday Crow Giveaway
I'm giving away one of my black (Friday) crow prints. This is a reproduction print of an original pen-and-ink drawing. The image area for framing is 5 1/4" x 5 5/16"and is printed on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of acid free, warm off-white paper. This is also the crow that is being used as set decoration on Charlie Sheen's TV show, Anger Management.
To Enter: Simply email me your name to: Please put Black Friday Crow in the subject line. I must receive your email by midnight this Friday, November 29th to be eligible. You must be 18 in order to enter.

Notification: The winner will be picked at random and will receive an email Monday morning and I will post the winner on my blog and social media sites.

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