Anniversary Commission

This drawing was commissioned by a client as an anniversary gift for her husband. His father owned a small newspaper which was published in this building. It was called the News Bee and sold for 5 cents a copy back when he was helping his father as a young man. My client even helped when she was dating her husband. The building was torn down several years ago so she's giving him the drawing to bring back warm memories of a special time in his life.

It's not too early to commission a special drawing for someone you love for Christmas. Please email me and arrange a call to talk about what you'd like me to create for you.

"Often during the day, I return to my childhood home. I approach it from my favorite angle by way of its curving driveway that ends aside three graceful arched windows bringing light into the sun porch. I approach by the side of a grandfatherly oak tree, majestically standing.

Melissa Tubbs makes this daily journey possible.

As soon as I asked her to draw the home my siblings and I soon would be selling, Melissa began asking me what I hoped to be preserved in an ink drawing she would render. It's as though she listened into her hands.

Melissa's drawing jumps off the page and into a mind of memories. It's warmth of light and the shadows formed when that light is filtered through trees is astounding. It offers the chance to stand again in that place and to appreciate fully the moments spent inside a grand, old friend. Thanks to Melissa's exquisite drawing of fine, simultaneously strong and sensitive lines, of contrasts that form texture and depth, I'll forever feel--no matter how far away--I'm driving up the driveway, home."

                                                                         --Jan Weil, New York City, NY


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