New Item in Etsy Shop--Gift Tags

I've just put a new item in my etsy shop. Gift tags that turned out just the way I'd hoped. I used an original drawing of an angel with a dove on his shoulder and printed them in a dark teal color. I've used that teal as an accent color on my new website and really like the way it looks with black. I wanted to keep the cards simple so I decided to use the one color to make them a bit more festive for use on gifts. Please take a look and learn more about them!


Anonymous said...

A quick suggestion Melissa: Your ETSY shop will get a lot more visits if you make that link actually work. As is, nothing happens when someone clicks on it.

Fine looking tags!

Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Thank you Bob!! I thought that I had made it a live link, obviously didn't. I really appreciate you letting me know.