Another New Book with My Drawing in It

New Book: Sketching 365 is a book about building your confidence with a tip a day for drawing and sketching by UK artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell. It’s available in three versions: UK, USA and Asian. Each version has a different cover, a different title and a different publisher, but everything inside is exactly the same. My drawing “Shadow Palms” is included in the book and is one of the images featured on the back cover of the UK version, above. The USA version is available in book stores now titled 365 Days of Drawing and Sketching. The UK version can be purchased on Amazon UK. Read more about the book, its author and all the artists included at Making A MarkI can't wait for my copy to arrive. Thank you Katherine for including me in this wonderful book!


Marian Cates said...

How lovely that you're a book illustrator! That's something I aspire to, probably with my own books (I was my first choice). lol

Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Thanks Marian, but it's not my book. It's a book by English author and artist Katherine Tyrrell.